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This article critically evaluates the role of XML binding frameworks play in the context of service-oriented architecture (SOA) platforms, and it also provides an objective evaluation of the popular XML binding frameworks in a J2EE environment. XML binding refers to the mapping of XML documents to/from any suitable internal representation (e.g., object-based representation) that is understandable by the underlying system, and in the process facilitating easy and intuitive access to the data in XML documents. In a J2EE context, this translates to an easier and logically meaningful way of accessing the data in XML documents, rather than using the low-level DOM/SAX parsers. To illustrate, in Listing 1, an order-processing application would find it easy to access Order, Item, and Customer objects rather than using the XML-specific data elements listing each element, its... (more)

Load Testing Web Services

The quality of any application is determined by the robustness and scalability of the system. It's mandatory to simulate the actual environment and test the application for preparedness. Web Services-savvy applications need a different methodology for testing in a real-world scenario. The UI-less nature of Web Services presents a significant challenge in testing such applications. The whole persona of consumer stubs with different payloads dictates the planning of Web Services load-testing schemes. This paper talks about the different aspects of load testing and areas of conten... (more)

Handling Attachment Payloads in SOA

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architectural paradigm that aims to achieve loose coupling and reuse among software components. It's emerging as the main integration and architectural style in today's complex software infrastructure. Web Services aim to provide interoperability in machine-to-machine interaction over the network. XML-based open standards like Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) are used to achieve interoperability for defining, publishing, and invoki... (more)

SOA Created AJAX and Rich Internet Applications

SOA has come a long way from a concept to wide-scale adoption by the enterprise at multiple layers of IT. SOA implementation at the UI layer is the latest in SOA adoption trends. SOA has manifested itself in a number of flavors such as the creation of a rich user experience by using technology like AJAX (e.g., Google Maps), provisioning value-added services by mashing up data from multiple sources (e.g., chicagocrime.org), community-based peer-to-peer interactions (e.g., Facebook and Flickr), creating collective intelligence (e.g., Digg and del.icio.us), creating collaborative pl... (more)